Shipping Information

Shipping Costs
Our web site calculates shipping costs automatically. Once the shopping cart knows the address we’re going to ship to (either log into your account, or created a new account), it will automatically tell you what your shipping cost is going to be, and even present you with choices of UPS or FedEx shipping methods. Even if you’re an International customer, you can tell right away how much shipping will cost you.

Save by Lowering Your Shipping Costs
Shipping companies charge an upfront fee to deliver a package of any size. Most of the shipping cost is just to get their driver to your door. They weight of the packge doesn’t play as much into it as you might think. So shipping 6 bottles doesn’t cost you much more than shipping one. In general, the more bottles you put in an order, the less shipping costs per bottle. One bottle might cost $10 to ship, while 6 bottles might only add another $5 – so the shipping cost per bottle is much cheaper. Order more bottles and the shipping cost per bottle is much less expensive.

Purchase by the Case and Save Big
When you order a case of 12 bottles of syrup, not only do you save on shipping but we also offer a case discount on the price. These cases can be mixed flavors and mixed manufacturers. So go ahead, save money and flavor your world.

Click here to see our mixed case prices.

Shipping Flavored Syrups
Since glass bottles are heavy and breakable, shipping flavored syrups is expensive. But unlike many of our competitors, does not inflate shipping costs. We only charge our customers exactly what it costs to deliver items safely to your door.

Syrup Shipper Inserts
In fact, has gone to great lengths to find the most efficient packaging materials . They keep costs down, but ensure that your fragile order arrives undamaged. Our innovative syrup shipper inserts are approved by UPS, meaning if they break your package we’ll file a claim with UPS and ship out a replacement package to you right away. All at no extra cost and no hassle for you.