Coffee Roasts


It’s all about the Coffee Roasts and the Roaster:

Coffee Roasts

Red Brick Coffee Roasters has an exclusive agreement with a single roaster to provide the best Coffee Roasts available to our customers. We chose Red Brick Coffee Roasters due to their reputation as an outstanding roaster with a passionate commitment to quality, freshness, and a good cup o’ Joe. Red Brick Coffee Roasters combines the best green coffee beans available with the knowledge and craftsmanship to produce superior roasted coffee.

At RedBrick Coffee, the quality of the Coffee Roasts and the pleasure of their customers is the primary concern.

Red Brick Roasters is dedicated to the following principles.

  • Commitment to quality
  • Spirit of cooperation
  • Sensitivity to the environment
  • The consciousness of social issues
  • Encouragement of sound business practices and ethics
  • Promotion of the value of specialty coffee to consumers

We take pride in offering the best Coffee Roasts we can while ensuring that Mother Earth is provided for.

Procuring specialty coffee from the expanses of the globe, they give back to the communities at origin that provides the raw product that leads to the amazing beverage we all enjoy. With social and environmental responsibility at the forefront of their priorities, they continue making strides in sustainability allowing all involved, from grower to consumer, to take an active role in this necessary process. Each batch produced is carefully roasted in a small batch 12-kilo gas roaster, packaged, and sealed in a gas relief valve bag.

Our Premium & Regional coffee beans are the best on the planet. And our coffee blends offer something for both the diehard connoisseur and the casual morning coffee drinker. Please make sure to try our Signature Blend. It’s obviously our favorite and only available right here.

We only sell whole bean coffee, not ground coffee. There is simply no way to sell ground coffee and claim that it is fresh.

All coffee bean orders are roasted, packaged, and shipped within 2 business days to ensure freshness. Neither Red Brick Coffee Roasters nor maintains a large inventory of roasted beans. All beans shipped to customers have been roasted within 2 days or the order is delayed until the next batch is produced. Our job is to maintain an inventory level that is just right for the demand, assuring you of the freshness of the bean — something conglomerate coffee companies could never dream of doing.

Red Brick Coffee is an experience. Personal. Fresh. Flavorful. Unparalleled satisfaction. We love coffee and take pride in sharing their small-batch roasted coffee with you. We aspire to serve you the finest roasted specialty coffees from around the globe. The proof is in the cup.